Bettings on Sports in New Zealand

The history of sports betting in New Zealand is one that is very interesting. For many years, the authorities were trying to limit sports betting as gambling was mostly prohibited. Strong restrictions on gambling continued to exist in New Zealand. Online gambling is permitted as long as the providers are not based in the country and many of those who want to place a bet will use this option.

Sports betting in New Zealand is regulated by the government. Government lotteries and non-profit casinos are permitted. The non-profit casinos are run by charitable foundations and are used to raise funds for good causes. Most public gambling activities are designed so that a portion of the money made can be returned to the community via various projects. Permission has been given to some casinos to operate based on the benefits that they offer the community in the form of economic and employment boosts.

Those who do choose to gamble online need to be aware of the legal restrictions – if there is a dispute, the New Zealand authorities would not be able to intervene in any way to resolve the matter. It is important that anyone who wants to place a bet ensures that they are aware of any age restrictions. School-age teens are restricted when it comes to gambling, although some forms of gambling are open to those who are aged 18 and over, so there may be some students who take part in sports betting or buy the occasional lottery ticket.

Those who want to take part in gambling should also make themselves fully aware of the risks of gambling. Most online sites offer advice on staying safe while gambling. Sports betting is available to New Zealanders through the Totaliser Agency Board which offers fixed betting on horse and greyhound racing as well as other specific sporting events.