Casino Age Restrictions

Schools in New Zealand have an excellent reputation and standards are known to be consistently high. Students can study for a variety of qualifications while they are at school. These range from the NCEA qualification, the nationally-recognized qualification to the International Baccalaureate, which is often an option for children attending private or international schools.

Children often start school at the age of 5, although they do have the option to start at the age of 6. There are 13 school years in total but children can leave when they are 16 if they so wish. Some schools offer education from primary level right through year 13 when pupils reach the age of 18, and these are often private schools, but there are some state schools that have the same system. However, in the state school system, there are generally separate schools for primary and secondary levels.

There are restrictions on the type of activities that children of school age can do outside the school, but age restrictions mean that those who are aged 18 and over can take part in some types of gambling activities. However, to enter a casino, a person does need to be 20 years of age. This means that some school-age students are able to take part in gambling activities as well, so it is important to be aware of the restrictions that are in place.

For example, some sports betting is available to those who are aged 18 and over, but for casino-based activities, it is not possible for school-age students. In most areas, this is not even an option as there are not that many casinos and those that do exist are in larger towns and cities. Check CasinoGuide.NZ for more info on the gambling scene. Online casinos are available to New Zealanders and it is important to check the age restrictions that may be in place when gambling online.

Remember to only play for fun and always play with responsibility.