Private Schools in New Zealand

It is estimated that less than 5% of all pupils in New Zealand attend a private school. These are fee-paying schools and these fees can be very high. Some private schools have boarding facilities, so children who are unable to live at home during term time, either for location or work reasons, may be able to get a boarding place and stay at school. However, additional fees will be added for boarding facilities.

Private schools in New Zealand may also include state-integrated schools. Many of these used to be private but now fall under the state system. They receive funding from the government but still charge an attendance fee that helps to pay for the upkeep of the school. Private schools do get some government funding but much of their budget comes from the fees paid by parents.

There is no requirement for private schools to follow the national curriculum but many do offer the NCEA qualification. Other qualifications on offer include the International Baccalaureate.

Private education is often a good choice for parents who need to work away from home a lot or for families that live in remote, rural areas. It means that the child can board at school and have an uninterrupted education. They are also a good choice for international students. Some offer a curriculum or a school year that resembles that of schools in other parts of the world, so it may be more familiar to them.

Many of the private schools are located in larger towns and cities, and it is often the case that the child might be asked to sit an entrance exam in order to determine whether they can be offered a place. Some schools might request for an interview too. Places at these schools are limited and should be arranged as far in advance as possible.