Schools in Auckland New Zealand

The city of Auckland is one of the most exciting cities in New Zealand and if you want to live and work there, you might want to consider admitting your children to school there. The good news is that the schools in Auckland are among the best in the country, so finding a good school for your child may be easier than you think.

The state schools in Auckland offer the NCEA qualification that is the national qualification, but other types of school may offer international qualifications such as UK examinations or the International Baccalaureate. State schools follow the standard school year that starts in January and has four terms, but other schools in Auckland may have different term dates. International schools, in particular, tend to follow a similar school year as those in the northern hemisphere.

Both private and international schools in Auckland will charge fees and these can often be very high. There may be bursaries and scholarships available that can help with these fees but they are not available to every student. It should be noted that places at private and international schools need to be arranged far in advance as some may require students to take an entrance exam or attend an interview.

Standards at most schools in Auckland are very high. Schools have quality facilities and equipment available and there are usually many educational trips that are organized every year. Children in Auckland will attend school from the age of 5 or 6 – it is compulsory for children to be enrolled in school before they reach their sixth birthday. Students can leave school when they are 16 or they can choose to stay on until year 13. In Auckland, there are also plenty of opportunities for students to go on to college or university to further their education.