Schools in New Zealand for International Students

International schools are just one of the many options available for education in New Zealand. However, you will have to pay fees for children who attend an international school. Most international schools will follow an international curriculum, offering the opportunity to earn qualifications such as the UK’s GCSE or the International Baccalaureate (IB). However, most will also offer the New Zealand NCEA qualification.

International schools offer education from primary up to year 13. At some schools, it may be necessary to take an entrance exam or attend an interview before a place is offered, and while fees are payable, there may be opportunities for partial scholarships to help a student in need. Fees for international schools are comparable with other private schools in New Zealand. Boarding at school may be an option but this will bring with it additional costs. Other costs may also include other things like uniforms and educational trips but these will vary from school to school.

While the standard school year in New Zealand begins in January, international students will follow the school year pattern found in the northern hemisphere, so the school year begins in September. This is designed to help those who want to apply to universities in the northern hemisphere. There are still four terms in the school year though. Exact term dates will vary in both international and private schools, so it is important to check these in advance.

To enroll a child in an international school in New Zealand, it is important to make arrangements as far in advance as possible, particularly for children who are going to be boarding at the school. Places are unlikely to be available at short notice and if entrance exams and interviews are required, you need to allow time for the application process to be completed.